Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Some data, given to Arkada hotel in Levoca, Namestie Majstra Pavla 26,  085 01, may have the character of personal information, according to Act No. 428/2002 coll, about protection of personal information. Arkada hotel  fully acts in compliance with this Act in order to secure this personal information.

Stela hotel gathers, collects and processes personal information mainly for purposes to perform the following activities or in connection with them:
– booking of stay and the related administration,

– providing of accommodation and boarding services related with the stay,

– processing of claims.

As personal information are considered particularly:  the name and surname  number of the identity card or passport, visa number, state citizenship, address of permanent residence, birth date and time of stay.

Booking of Stay

Personal information listed above, given by the client during the booking of a stay, allows providing a proper and timely lodging, boarding and other services, which are required by the client during the booking. This information is used also in case, if it is necessary to contact the client, because of changes in his booking.

Providing of Services Related with the Stay
Stela hotel  provides accommodation and boarding services related with the stay of clients.In order to provide and secure proper services it is necessary that the clients submit personal information according to the above mentioned Act.

Gathering, Collecting and Processing of Personal Information
Stela hotel gathers and collects personal information explicitly on base of a direct phone or personal communication with the client or through internet website used by the client. Personal information of the clients is recorded and saved in hotel computer database system.

Protection of Personal Information and Giving them to Third Parties
Access to personal information of the clients have only the employees of the hotel which are obliged to secrecy. Personal information of the clients are given to state authorities in case, that it is obligatory according to the valid legal regulations.

Client’s Consent
Using services of Stela hotel the client agrees with gathering, collecting and processing of his/her personal information in a way as listed above. The client has, in relation to giving and processing his personal information, rights resulting from the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 428/2002 coll, about protection of personal information.